Every Girl Gourmet

Every Girl Gourmet is an interactive cooking experience Audrey McGinnis created because she believes everyone can cook incredible food! Audrey, an “Every Girl”, believes you don’t have to have a culinary degree to cook like a gourmet chef. In a casual atmosphere, with a cocktail in hand, she will walk you and your guests through the culinary journey of a three-course meal. You and your friends are welcome to roll up your sleeves and get behind the cutting board or relax on the sofa until the dinner bell rings.

Audrey’s mission is to get as many people excited about food as she can and help them have a great time while learning to make a variety of dishes. Every Girl Gourmet is here, so let’s get cooking! We’ll do all the shopping, prep work, and handle the clean up. All you need to do is gather good friends, pick a menu, and get ready to have great time!

Every Girl Gourmet | Private Cooking Class

Every Girl Gourmet | Private Cooking Class

Every Girl Gourmet | Private Cooking Class

Every Girl Gourmet | Private Cooking Class

Every Girl Gourmet | Private Cooking Class

Scallops | Every Girl Gourmet


16 thoughts on “Every Girl Gourmet

  1. I’ve been to two of these “Every Girl Gourmet” parties and had a blast at each! I loved getting the recipe cards having a great meal with no clean up. I’m looking forward to hosting one myself soon. I highly recommend!

  2. I LOVE baking your sugar cookies I saw on the news, but have not found a simple frosting that does them justice! Do you have a recipe you could share or one you’d recommend?

  3. I have just seen you on the Spring Baking Championship. How fun to see someone from FRISCO on the show!!! Do you give private cooking lessons?

    1. HI Gaynelle, Thanks for the comment! It was a blast! Yes, I offer private lessons, along with group interactive cooking parties. You can contact me privately at bookings@everygirlgourmet.com for more info on private lessons. Please take a look on this site for more info on group parties. In His grip, Audrey

    2. Hi, Sorry for the delayed response. Thanks for watching the show and for visiting my web site. Yes, I do offer cooking classes. Please find all the details on this site! In His grip, Audrey

  4. I just caught the tail end of your segment on Channel 4 and thought they said the recipes were on their website. If they are, I can’t find them. Since I missed the beginning, I didn’t know if you said what kind of frosting you put on the cookies. I thought it was neat the way you tapped them and the icing spread out perfectly. Do you have a link to that frosting recipe or to your video segment? Thank!

    1. HI Marti, Thank you for contacting me. Here is the link to the recipes and the segment. I just used Melt Aways to cover the cookies…you can find them at most craft stores or Walmart. They come in a variety of colors. Just pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds and then stir. Best of luck and send me some pics of your finished cookies, I would love to see them!!
      In His grip, Audrey

  5. Watched your Fox 4 Slow cooker paprika beef segment. You had both a slow cooker and a pressure cooker combo. Can you give the brand of the pressure cooker/slow cooker. I can’t wait to try the beef recipe.Thanks in advance. Carla

    1. Hi, I use Cook’s Essentials. You can sear the meat in it as well….does everything and is very user friendly. I hope you will try the recipe and please let me know how it turns out! In His grip, Audrey

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