#SpringBakingChampionship Premiere (AKA “My Cake Has Fallen and Can’t Get Up”)

This season of the Spring Baking Championship began with a bang- primarily to my cake! Luckily, what was on the inside ultimately counted (especially since white chocolate was involved). We’ll get to all of that crazy in a minute!

The competition kicked off with a ‘berry-less’ berry shortcake. While most of us went the traditional biscuit route, Dan (a fellow self taught baker) made a mascarpone shortcake. This was just one example of the creativity my fellow bakers whipped up that impressed me during the show. Dan’s leap of faith paid off and he won the warm up round.

Our primary challenge was a ‘naked’ layer cake that incorporated a berry. As we were baking they surprised us and we had to add key limes as a twist. My biggest surprise came after the ingredient adjustment when my cakes decided to tap out. In all honesty, there were six cake pans in the oven at once. It was a rookie mistake that I didn’t have time to re-do. All I kept thinking was “get something on that plate!”…and I did. But it was quite literally “something”!

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 11.48.20 AM

You can imagine the disappointment I was feeling in that moment. All of the effort I’d put into getting on the show, the answer to prayer that I was getting this opportunity, yet it seemed like it was going to be over before it started. Then came relief when the judges tasted my cake! I couldn’t be more thrilled when Lorraine Pascal said, “this is the best sponge cake I have tasted today,” followed by Nancy Fuller, “this is the best cake I’ve had…in a long time.” I was so grateful that the most important part, the taste, was still on point.

I’m so glad that I made it through the first round and I still have a chance going forward. If you missed it I’ll attach the Food Network clip below. Tune in tonight, April 17th at 8/9c, to see what happens in the second round!

What was your favorite part of last week’s episode?

Cake Clip


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