$60 options

Scallops | Every Girl Gourmet


Red Snapper Ceviche w/Mango

Cold Tomato Soup w/Fresh Crab Relish

Asian Steak Lettuce Wraps

White Clam Pizza

Jerk Scallops w/Mango Salsa

BBQ Pulled Chicken Hoecakes w/Jalapeno Aioli

Stuffed Mushrooms

Roasted Nutmeg Cauliflower Bites w/Jalapeno Aioli


 Main Course:

Beef Tenderloin

(Filled with mushroom/leek/hatch green chili stuffing & drizzled with a port cream sauce. Served with pepper roasted Brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes. )

Wine-Braised Pork Tenderloin w/Mushrooms

(White wine, mushrooms and onions create a light and flavorful sauce for this oven-roasted tenderloin. Served with sautéed sweet pepper and zucchini mix.)

Capital Grill Lobster Mac-n-Cheese

(Campanelle pasta is tossed with a mascarpone, Harvarti and Grana Padano cream sauce, fresh lobster tails and topped with Panko bread crumbs and white cheddar. Served with mixed green salad.)

Mussels w/Chorizo

(A steamy bowl of fresh mussels with spicy chorizo and herbs…served with crusty bread for dipping.)

Creole Curried Lamb w/Butter Sautéed Plantains

(Tender lamb is slow cooked in Creole spices and served over egg noodles with pan seared plantains.)

Margarita Pork Tacos w/Curry Coconut Sauce

(Forget the salted glass…these pork tacos are even better…spicy and juicy shredded pork marinated in a margarita inspired sauce….topped with a rich curry sauce with hints of coconut and served with fresh avocados and green rice.)


(Shrimp, mussels, clams & white fish in a light tomato-saffron broth….served with toasted sour dough for dipping.)

Herb Crusted Pork Chops

(Fresh herbs, lots of garlic and parmesan cheese create a fabulous coating for thick cut pork chops…crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. Served with sweet cider Brussel sprouts.)

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

(Sweet potato dumplings tossed in a Gorgonzola cream sauce and served with a mixed green salad.)


MC Apple Spice Cake

(The perfect combination of sweet and savory, this sponge cake is filled with cinnamon apples and topped with cream-cheese frosting, sugared pecans and salted caramel drizzle….there’s a reason the judges of Master Chef liked it!!!)

Bananas Foster á la Sienna

(Bananas are simmered in a brown sugar, citrus Rum sauce and served over ice-cream and topped with whipped cream.)

Apples with Sabayon

(Rum infused cinnamon apples are topped with a rich, coffee flavored custard sauce.)

Lemon Ricotta Tart w/Strawberry Sauce

(Tart and tangy lemon infused ricotta and honey…topped with a sweet strawberry puree. Perfect for a warm summer night!)

Fiori-di-Sicilia French Toast w/Honey Butter & Citrus Syrup

(Thick slices of Brioche soaked in a floral-infused custard and grilled to a golden brown….topped with honey butter and grapefruit & lemon scented syrup!)

Ginger and Peach Cake w/Peach Schnapps

(At the center of this moist and spicy cake is a luscious layer of peaches and peach-flavored spirit  topped off with whipped cream.)

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