What is an Every Girl Gourmet Experience?


Every Girl Gourmet is a fun and interactive “Friends-Night-In”. As the host, you get to pick which appetizer, main course and dessert menu you want to learn how to cook and Every Girl Gourmet will do the shopping, prep-work, and clean-up while you relax, enjoy a glass of wine or fun cocktail, and learn step-by-step how to make an impressive 3 course meal!

At the end of the evening you’ll have a great experience with friends and delicious food, a recipe card with detailed instructions on how to recreate your meal, and the confidence in knowing that “Every Girl (or Guy!)” can create a gourmet meal.

Our goal is to show you that you don’t have to be a trained chef to experiment and enjoy the process of cooking. So, decide on a date, invite your most fun friends (the more the merrier!) and let’s get to cooking because….

Every Girl (or Guy!) deserves a little Gourmet!

To book a party go to:


Cost depends on how adventurous you are! Typical prices run $40-$60 per person (varying based on meal requested).

7 thoughts on “What is an Every Girl Gourmet Experience?

  1. Audrey, I had a blast at the Every Girl Gourmet party that my sister hosted a few weeks ago. I learned a few things, and I had some delicious food. As an aside, I made your salsa this weekend and am trying my hand at the cupcakes tomorrow for dinner with friends. I want to schedule a party for some of my girlfriends after the holidays. A great way to get us out of the post-holidays slump!

    1. Hi Jennifer!!
      Okay, as you can see….I am not too good at this blogging thing!! HA! I just met with Lindsay on Tuesday to get a PR plan together and brain storm!! Her advise….GET TO BLOGGING!!” it has taken me two days to remember my password, so just now seeing this from you!! I would love to schedule a party with you if you are still interested! Another plan on the plate….get more parties scheduled!! Please let me know some dates that work for you and let’s get to planning!! A great kick-off to school starting back….mom’s may need a night out from all the summer fun!!
      My number is 972-740-4715 if you want to chat about it! In His grip, Audrey

  2. I really like the way to use thanksgiving leftovers. But I didn’t get the recipe for turkey Enchilada. Could you please send me the recipe. Thanks

    1. Hi Barbara, Thanks for contacting me and thank you for your kind words! I had so much fun on Good Morning Texas! The recipe for the enchiladas can be found on this web site under the “recipes” drop down box. Please let me know if you have any questions. Happy Cooking and let me know how you like the recipe!! In His grip, Audrey

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